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Terms Of Service

Kristin Johnston Bridal Terms of Service


Use of Kristin Johnston Bridal (KJB) services,,

and all Kristin Johnston Bridal (KJB) communications implies consent to

and understanding of the following KJB Terms of Service:

Scheduling - Scheduling fittings is done in one of two ways: 1) via the online scheduling program at (preferred), or 2) via email communications at  I do not schedule fittings or answer inquiries via text. Any phone inquiries will be directed to the two preferred scheduling methods. This allows for uninterrupted communication between myself and my administrative staff. Scheduling fittings should be done based on the guidelines available on the website, and fittings scheduled without regard to suggested timeline are subject to cancellation. Rescheduling fittings in the event of work conflict or illness is permitted, however due to high demand, any requests to reschedule a fitting may result in the need to meet at less than ideal times and/or days.  Please be prepared to be flexible should rescheduling be necessary.

Estimates - You will receive a written estimate of alterations fees at your first fitting. Estimates are itemized with an anticipated price range per alteration type, and often I will include future anticipated charges (typically anticipating weight loss), but occasionally additional estimated charges come up.  Those would be discussed and agreed upon at your fitting, then written on an additional sheet for you to add to your original estimate.

Payments - I do not charge a deposit, although I do offer a 5% discount on the overall bill for clients who wish to make a deposit of $150.00 or more at their first fitting.  Payment is due in full at your final fitting, which is when your dress goes home with you. Sales tax of 8.25% is added to your final bill. I accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, cash, check, PayPal, and Chase QuickPay.

Weight Fluctuation (during the course of scheduled fittings) - Any changes in body shape/size should be completed by your second (or, second-to-last, if four fittings is necessary for your project) fitting. ANY UNEXPECTED ADJUSTMENTS NEEDED AFTER THE FINAL FITTING ARE SUBJECT TO A $95 RE-ALTERATION FEE, PLUS A REPEAT OF THAT PARTICULAR ITEMIZED ALTERATION FEE.

Weight Fluctuation (after project completion) - Due to my full workload, it is not guaranteed that I can revisit an already completed project. If re-alteration is possible, re-alteration projects are subject to a $150 fee plus a repeat of that particular itemized / alteration fee, plus any additional alterations fees garnered from new alterations. Please be prepared to be extremely flexible with your fitting times and days, should project re-visitation occur.

Project Completion - Payment and completion of the Final Fitting Checklist indicates acceptance of project completion. Concerns about fit or style should be addressed before this. In many cases, alterations are permanent and not reversible.

Abandoned Gowns - Any abandoned gowns resulting from canceled projects will become the property of Kristin Johnston Bridal after 30 days and are subject to resale.

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