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Wedding Gown Alterations

Basic alterations - This can mean that only one or two alterations need to be done to a wedding dress, or it can mean that several things need to be done but due to the construction of the dress, the alteration fees are within the range of basic pricing.  Basic alterations does not refer to the amount (in inches) that a dress needs to be taken in or out or hemmed up or down, but rather that the project is less labor intensive than most.  Generally speaking, basic alterations typically run between $350 and $550.

Extensive alterations - means that, due to the construction of the dress, altering it is more complicated than with a basic alteration.  Sometimes it is because several labor-intensive alterations need to be done, and other times only one alteration needs to be done, but that particular alteration must be done in a very specific, time-intensive way.  An alteration's difficulty level can only be determined during an in-person consultation.  Extensive alterations typically range from $550 to $995.

Reworking (or reconstruction) - In some cases, a bride brings me the dress of her dreams, but…in a totally different size than she needs.  This happens when a dress is given to a bride as a gift, if a bride purchased her gown "off the rack", if the dress was previously worn, or if a more suitable size was not available when she ordered it.  A reconstruct can be pricey, but in many, many cases is very possible (there are vendors that I work with regularly, and I trust them to have sold you The Right Dress.  If they sent you to me, you're in good hands!  If you ordered the dress online, let's meet & take a look at the dress together).  Again, an alteration's difficulty level can only be determined during an in-person consultation. The alterations cost for reworking a dress is typically between $485 and $995.

Semi Custom projects - Occasionally, a bride comes to me and says, "I bought this (holds up a dress), and I want it to look like this (holds up a picture)".  To that bride I say, "Awesome".  That's a semi-custom dress.  Some examples of semi custom projects include changing the silhouette of a gown, adding custom made sleeves, hand beading a gown, or extending the train.  Furthermore, I would be remiss if I don't remind you that an alteration's difficulty level can only be determined during an in-person consultation. The cost for semi custom projects varies greatly, and in some cases depends on the types of alterations that are being done on the dress itself; if you have a semi custom element to your gown, you can expect the alterations fees to range from $550 to $1250.

Vintage reconstructions - So, you want to wear your mom’s or great aunt’s wedding gown, but you’re not feeling the puffy sleeves?  I get it.  A vintage reconstruct involves keeping certain elements of an older, pre-worn gown and tailoring the remaining dress to create your perfect wedding gown.  Whether your vision is vintage, modern, eclectic, or a specific theme, vintage reconstruction is one of my specialties. The cost for vintage reconstruction typically ranges from $450 - 800.

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