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Helpful Scheduling Guidelines

Please review these important guidelines before booking your fittings!

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How many fittings do I need, and how do I schedule them?

I see brides for three fittings, each fitting needs to be at least three (3) weeks apart, with the final fitting taking place three weeks before your wedding (or, if applicable, portrait) date.

How long does it take?

Start to finish, typical project length spans the course of 2.5 to three months, although-because I book up quickly- it is necessary to reserve all three of your fittings in advance. 

Should I book now or wait until closer to my wedding? 

I recommend getting all three fittings on the calendar right away, because I book up quite quickly and often quite far in advance.

If your wedding is in less than 3 months, there is a strong possibility that I am fully booked and may not be able to accommodate your timeline; in some cases, if you can be flexible with fitting times, I may be able to accommodate some rush projects.  If you feel this applies to you, please feel free to send an email inquiring about availability. Fittings booked without regard to the above guidelines are subject to cancellation without notice.

For more specific information about how to plan your fitting schedule and what to expect from Kristin Johnston Bridal, please see FAQ.

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